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July 2014


Interrailling Final Stop – Copenhagen, Denmark

July 24, 2014

Our flight connection on the way home from Croatia meant we had five hours to kill in Copenhagen, so we said we’d finish off interrailling right and get one last train into the city.


Of course with us only having an hour and a half in the city it was up to me to get us absolutely lost. We did have a quick stroll around and it was nice to see it, but I would love to go back someday to explore a little more.

I know next time to come prepared with lots of €€€ as it is probably the most expensive city I’ve ever been in.

IMG_6234 IMG_6255


Interrailling – Pula, Croatia

July 23, 2014

Our 8th, and what we thought was our final stop, was Pula, Croatia. This was about relaxing after all the travelling we had just done, although I thought we’d be a lot more exhausted than we were. I think our bodies just adjusted and I mastered the ability to sleep absolutely anywhere for any length of time whether it was 5 seconds or 5 hours. We took what we got.


The back of our hotel had a pool area and rocks with a step-ladder straight into the Adriatic Sea, it was absolute heaven.

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Not only was Pula a relaxing sun-holiday it had lots of history to offer as well, so the sight-seeing continued… This is where we watched the World Cup final… Not the worst spot! 400490


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On our third day we did a boat trip which brought us to Hvar, Rovinj and the Brioni islands.





We loved every second of Croatia. Not only the amazing weather and history, but the people were so friendly too. It was the perfect end to such a busy two weeks of travelling.




Interrailling – Ljubljana & Lake Bled, Slovenia

July 20, 2014

This place is a hidden gem. It was a lot smaller than everywhere else we had been, but so beautiful.  There was such a nice holiday vibe with lots of outdoor restaurants, bars and street music.

Such a gorgeous place by day and night:




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Lake Bled: 

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After rowing out to the island, swimming and some sunbathing we decided to head over to the summer toboggan they have set up down the side of a mountain, I can safely say it was the scariest thing I’ve ever done.  You have to accelerate and brake manually and its literally in a  go-cart with one belt. Here’s a video I found of someone else doing it, it looks slower than it felt even though I literally braked the whole way down haha.

1405808119 2780089_orig

We spent our last night in Ljubjana just wandering around, enjoying the lights, buildings and atmosphere.





Interrailling – Budapest, Hungary

July 18, 2014

Budapest totally lived up to my expectations. It’s up there beside Prague with my favourite places on this trip!

Besides the fact that the different currency makes everything ridiculously cheap, it also has a lot to offer in sights, food, nightlife and history! We started our Budapest off with a visit to St. Stephens Basilica which was a five minute walk from our hostel, and as you can see from above it was pretty impressive.

Next, we decided to take a cruise down the Danube. Our timing was coincidentally perfect, sunset. Plus, we met some Korean groupies.

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I loved every minute of it. Best €8 I have ever spent!


The next day we headed out to the Szechenyi thermal baths which I’d seen so much of in photos. From the second we walked in I knew we weren’t leaving any time soon. We scratched our plans off for the rest of the day and enjoyed the warm weather and warm pools. We bumped into friends we had made on the awful train we had from Prague to Vienna and made plans to stay and extra night!

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We got our next train to Ljubljana at 5.24am. We were so nervous as this was our longest train and sleep hadn’t been happening for us on these journeys, but luckily it was quiet and we got a whole cabin to ourselves. We slept the whole 9 hours!


Interrailling – Bratislava, Slovakia

July 17, 2014

Our fourth, and fastest, trip was to Bratislava. I’d looked it up online and it looked pretty, it’s definitely not somewhere I would have flown to especially to see, so it seemed like a perfect stop a long the way for interrailling.





















The gloomy weather didn’t help but the sights were more than a disappointment after the places we’d been in the days before that.

I had heard it’s a popular stop for interraillers so I have to assume it’s probably the nightlife people go for. We couldn’t get out of the place quick enough. An hour and a half we spent there in total haha. We were excited for our next 3 hour journey to Budapest!


Interrailling – Vienna, Austria

July 16, 2014

This trip started with the worst train journey of all time. Us being the amateur travellers we failed to make a reservation on the busiest night train I’ve ever seen, so we spent a fabulous five hours trying to sleep on the ground of the train corridor and the other two squished into the crew’s cabin.The whole experience was quite funny though, we met fellow interraillers who were in the same position as us and all we could do was laugh.


Right off the train Eamon managed to negotiate a deal in an amazing hotel right beside the station for a great price, the things tiredness can do. We were exhausted after our very busy few days of walking and walking.

We decided biking it was the way to do it in this city, with so much to see and with Vienna being such a spread out city, we got through our to-do list in record time. This despite the fact that Eamon was bitten by some kind of monster mosquito, with both of his legs swelling up like balloons.







The weather was crazy in Vienna too, so warm during the day and freezing and stormy at night. It’s not a wild city to go out in, we wanted to go for a few celebratory drinks as I just got hired for a job for the next 2 years with Tourism Ireland (one year in NY and the second year in Dublin). But the weather forced us into rushing our bar and restaurant choice, and before we knew it we were washing down wildly expensive vegetarian food. Eamon won’t forget YAM in a hurry.


We managed to find an Irish pub to watch the semi final World Cup game. Germany vs. Brazil.. I don’t normally watch much sports. And now I know why. Not able for that emotional distress! Haha!

All in all though Vienna didn’t quite live up to Prague, but it was still full of amazing, huge palaces and definitely the most on time rail service ever!