Interrailling – Budapest, Hungary

July 18, 2014

Budapest totally lived up to my expectations. It’s up there beside Prague with my favourite places on this trip!

Besides the fact that the different currency makes everything ridiculously cheap, it also has a lot to offer in sights, food, nightlife and history! We started our Budapest off with a visit to St. Stephens Basilica which was a five minute walk from our hostel, and as you can see from above it was pretty impressive.

Next, we decided to take a cruise down the Danube. Our timing was coincidentally perfect, sunset. Plus, we met some Korean groupies.

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I loved every minute of it. Best €8 I have ever spent!


The next day we headed out to the Szechenyi thermal baths which I’d seen so much of in photos. From the second we walked in I knew we weren’t leaving any time soon. We scratched our plans off for the rest of the day and enjoyed the warm weather and warm pools. We bumped into friends we had made on the awful train we had from Prague to Vienna and made plans to stay and extra night!

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We got our next train to Ljubljana at 5.24am. We were so nervous as this was our longest train and sleep hadn’t been happening for us on these journeys, but luckily it was quiet and we got a whole cabin to ourselves. We slept the whole 9 hours!

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