Interrailling – Vienna, Austria

July 16, 2014

This trip started with the worst train journey of all time. Us being the amateur travellers we failed to make a reservation on the busiest night train I’ve ever seen, so we spent a fabulous five hours trying to sleep on the ground of the train corridor and the other two squished into the crew’s cabin.The whole experience was quite funny though, we met fellow interraillers who were in the same position as us and all we could do was laugh.


Right off the train Eamon managed to negotiate a deal in an amazing hotel right beside the station for a great price, the things tiredness can do. We were exhausted after our very busy few days of walking and walking.

We decided biking it was the way to do it in this city, with so much to see and with Vienna being such a spread out city, we got through our to-do list in record time. This despite the fact that Eamon was bitten by some kind of monster mosquito, with both of his legs swelling up like balloons.







The weather was crazy in Vienna too, so warm during the day and freezing and stormy at night. It’s not a wild city to go out in, we wanted to go for a few celebratory drinks as I just got hired for a job for the next 2 years with Tourism Ireland (one year in NY and the second year in Dublin). But the weather forced us into rushing our bar and restaurant choice, and before we knew it we were washing down wildly expensive vegetarian food. Eamon won’t forget YAM in a hurry.


We managed to find an Irish pub to watch the semi final World Cup game. Germany vs. Brazil.. I don’t normally watch much sports. And now I know why. Not able for that emotional distress! Haha!

All in all though Vienna didn’t quite live up to Prague, but it was still full of amazing, huge palaces and definitely the most on time rail service ever!

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