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October 2014


Las Vegas

October 20, 2014

Another case of better late than never with this post. I’ve been so busy between work and everything there is to do in the city every single day. On top of that I’ve been lucky enough to have the chance to travel while I’m working too which is great. My first stop was Vegas… I know.. for work. Don’t know how I managed that one.



I was working at IMEX America, one of the largest trade shows there is. It was held in the Venetian hotel, honestly one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever seen. This is a pic of my room. 6015289_orig 4539232_orig 4371335_orig

Eamon managed to get a last minute flight out to meet me, and I managed to extend my trip a few days. Here are some pics of what we got up to. We kicked off with a gondola ride in the Grand Canal in the Venetian hotel.

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Me before the Britney concert… Couldn’t handle the excitement. And yes I went alone haha! You can see two of my snapchat videos from the concert here and here.


My friends James set us up with a spread of food in Koi restaurant in Planet Hollywood before the concert! I was never a big sushi person but I am now… it was delicious!

And after three days of working 9-5 I finally got some sun!!

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We managed to fit in a day trip out to the Grand Canyon too. Bucket list ✓