March 12, 2015

I definitely have been hit by the travel bug lately. Last weekend, I took a quick trip to Philly to see the Philadelphia Flower show. Philadelphia, being only 2 hours from NY and an $18 bus journey, seemed like a trip that had to be made. The company I work for (Tourism Ireland) had a stand in the flower show so I got some free tickets. It’s the biggest indoor flower show in the world and I have to admit it was pretty cool.

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The best part was the butterfly experience, which was basically a room full of butterflies. I’m not a bug person – not even the cute ones (ladybirds, butterflies etc) and at first it was definitely scary but look how pretty they are!


After the show I did some exploring of the city itself. It’s such a beautiful, well-kept city. The arrival of Spring makes me so excited not only for the travelling there is to come but also just New York in Spring/Summer. There’s nothing I love more than just walking around in the city. I’m so looking forward to doing that without numb fingers and toes!

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