Pittsburgh & Washington DC

March 4, 2015

I feel so lucky that I get to travel with my job, especially considering it’s my first job, but its really not all play and no work – even though my Instagram might suggest differently.

We were travelling for events called the Jump into Ireland events where basically we promote Ireland to travel agents and media in different cities. This time we visited Pittsburgh and Washington D.C.

Pittsburgh was kind of what I expected… Fairly quiet, industrial, dare I say boring (I do live in New York). But like anywhere when you want to find something good in it you will. On my first night I got a tram up to the top of Mount Washinton where I watched the sunset over the Pittsburgh skyline. I can honestly say it was worth nearly getting frostbite.


I then head back to meet everyone for dinner and sat next to Diane Keaton at dinner. What are the chances?

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The following day I checked out the Andy Warhol museum. He was born in Pittsburgh and moved to New York where he originated Interview Magazine as well as ‘Pop Art’ as we know it. It’s safe to say the museum’s rule of no photos didn’t go too well!
We had our first event that night and then the next day had to get up and head straight to D.C. for an event that night. The event we had in D.C. was held in easily the fanciest place I have ever been, the Metropolitan Club. Located right across the street from the White House. Washington is such a nice city to just stroll around so I said I’d take the day there on Friday instead of travelling back to NY and just enjoy it.
I have a feeling I’ll be back again before the year is out… One of these days I’ll see Obama.. or Kevin Spacey. Either will do!

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