Long Distance Relationships & Homesickness

May 20, 2015

1206291 Definitely one of the hardest things about living away from home is being away from all the people you love and the people that love you, it’s such a big adjustment and it’s one of the first things that people ask me about so I thought I would share some of my thoughts and experiences since I’ve been living in New York.

Most people think of long distance relationships just as a boyfriend/girlfriend situation – but really its not. Its your family and your friends too. I find in NY that at different times I miss everyone. I spend a lot more time on my own here than I ever would at home, coming from a house of 6. There is nothing like going away for a year to make you really appreciate home and the people that are there.


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Any of you who know me know that I am in a relationship with my boyfriend, Eamon for four(ish) years now. I’m so happy that 8 months into my year living abroad that we are still the same as the day I left. It definitely takes a lot more effort to maintain a relationship when you’re not living in the same country, and not always experiencing the fun parts of being in one. It involves a lot of planning, communication and money haha.

It’s great in that when we are together we have the best time for those few days every few months and in the meantime – I guess it is nice to be reminded of how much we really appreciate and miss each other.

When Eamon left two weeks ago I had a rare feeling of homesickness. I’ve gotten so used to doing things for myself and by myself, that it was so nice to have someone be there with me. I think goodbyes definitely get harder as they go on too, probably because you know what is ahead of you, if that makes sense?!

I’m so lucky that all my family and friends are very supportive of me being away – I know as soon as I’m back we’ll just pick up exactly where we left off – wrecking each others heads I’m sure 😉

All I can say is thank god for Facebook groups, Whatsapp and Facetime. As much as I do love a good letter and/or card – I’m not quite sure how people did it back the old days when that was the only way of keeping in contact!

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I honestly haven’t been very homesick since I’ve been here. I really do love New York, I’ve made lots of new friends, I have my family close by in Connecticut and I’m always so busy that I barely have time to think about it. But there definitely are times when I feel really far from home, when there is a birthday/ holiday, or you hear someone is sick or something has changed. Today, I’m thinking of and praying for my granddad who isn’t doing the best at the moment 🙁

Luckily I know Ireland isn’t ever too far from New York if I ever do need to make a quick trip home – 6 hours – sure you’d barely be in California.

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