Miami Beach – Part II

May 12, 2015

This past weekend was my second weekend this year spent in Miami Beach. It is the perfect weekend break – especially for a beach bum like me. It is beautiful and scenic there, a perfect place to live, I might have to pop onto the Manhattan Miami real estate website and check out their apartment listings, I’ll never have to leave then!

My two friends (Lorna & Erika) and I left New York on Friday straight after work. Making sure we made it to Miami in time to meet our friend Lanlih for some Friday night drinks. Our first stop was STORY nightclub on South Beach, followed by some much UNneeded food at 5am in the Big Pink!



Our hotel was located in the Art Deco district – an area with lots of retro buildings, pretty cars and palm trees lining the streets. You literally feel like you’ve walked on to the set of a sixties movie. It’s such a nice area to walk around, even in 32 degree Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit) temperatures.


As you can imagine – the majority of Saturday and Sunday was spent on the beach. It was our first taste of summer and it was HOT! The suncream has made its first appearance of 2015!

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Miami beach as some of the nicest (and most expensive) hotels in the world. There’s nothing I love more than a nice hotel. On Saturday night we got the chance to try out two new really cool bars in these hotels. First we went to the Thompson for some cocktails, then on to the Edition. The Edition was especially nice – the decor was so beautiful and the nightclub downstairs had a bowling alley AND an ice rink (how that’s safe I don’t know but I’m sold!)

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It was such a relaxing, fun weekend – I’m looking forward to another roadtrip in 2 weeks time for memorial weekend.

In the meantime I’ll be travelling to Philadelphia & New Jersey this week for work – follow me on snapchat (lou1409) for lots of updates on my travels!

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