Dominican Republic

June 15, 2015

The Caribbean is one of those places that has been on my bucket list (and probably everyone else’s) for a long time so I was more than excited when myself and my boyfriend Eamon finally booked to go last month.

I can honestly say it was the prettiest place I think I’ve ever been. Everywhere I looked was a ready made postcard – any of you who follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (lou1409) already know how snap happy I was. When we were booking to go there, we looked at different places we could stay, a friend of ours suggested somewhere smiliar to but decided on the Grand Bahia instead.

We stayed in the gorgeous Grand Bahia Principe resort just outside Dominican Republic’s 3rd largest city – La Romana. It is an all inclusive resort so we had 5 days and nights of unlimited food & drink – quite honestly don’t know how I’ll ever go on another holiday again. It was so relaxing and carefree!


8133789_orig 3230362_orig The Dominican Republic itself was not quite what I expected. The resort looked so luxurious & modern that I was surprised at how life outside the resort looked. It seems to be a very poor country in parts- we were told not to go outside the resort as it wouldn’t be safe. Our resort was huge with 4 different restaurants, 2 all you can eat buffets, shops, 3 pools, a pool bar – so thankfully we had noreal reason to leave anyway. I find it interesting that when you Google the Dominican Republic – the pictures that show up only really represent one side of the life there. If you follow me on Snapchat you will have seen the videos of our drive from the airport – a very different scene from the typical postcard pics!


The all inclusive resort included watersports too – so one of the days Eamon & I set out to sea. The current was stronger than we expected & soon we had drifted away from the resort. Me being the athletic person I am ended up back on the beach dragging my paddle board along the sand. A boy who I thought worked with the resort saw me struggling & came over – I soon realised he didn’t work there when he turned to me & rubbed his stomach saying ‘I’m hungry’. It’s sad and crazy to think the difference there was from one end of the beach to the other.


I have to say the Dominican people really made a huge difference to our whole experience. The people working in the resort really immersed everyone in the Dominican culture. They were so friendly and attentive – and they don’t even work for tips. The resort itself had so many activities (besides eating, drinking and tanning) to keep you busy during the day: dance classes, competitions, aqua aerobics, parties, and visitors in the form of exotic animals!




June in the Dominican Republic is the beginning of Hurricane season – luckily we had really nice weather for our first few days but we did see a storm approaching as we were leaving. If you’re planning to go in the future February to May is peak time with the best weather – but off peak means better prices and hey – its the Caribbean – its always sunny!


I couldn’t recommend the Dominican Republic and resort highly enough. It’s such a beautiful country and relaxing holiday. I’m so glad Eamon and I spent our last few days together there before I’m home in September.

I can’t wait to return to the Caribbean some day and explore some of the other islands… I’m already making plans to snorkel, swim with dolphins, explore the local villages, the list is endless. But for now I’m happily settling into my new apartment in New York for my last few months here 🙁

I’ll have another post from the Dominican Republic coming later in the week so stay tuned!

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  • Reply Sergio A. Diaz September 9, 2015 at 10:56 am

    I was looking for an article on the web related to DR and yours was pretty nice..
    When I read about you staying in La Romana and all the activities you did and how amazing they were, well let me tell you that there’s a lot more.
    I’m Dominican by the way.. and as much as I love the beach, my country offers a way more intense and adventure like experience in the mountains.
    Jarabacoa, Constanza, also check Cabarete in Puerto Plata (they surf and have more water sports like windsurfing), in Jarabacoa there’s a place called “villa pajon” that you should definitely check it out.

    If you come back I would have no problem on telling you some places you could go.

    In Santo Domingo there’s the “Zona Colonial” that is the first city of the country were Cristobal Colon made their Spanish fortress, now days is a touristic area with bars, restaurants, museums, hotels, stores, etc.

    Haha sorry for being such a random person but I thought it would be nice to you to know somebody who knows the country you are visiting.

    Sergio A. Diaz

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