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NYC Restaurants – Part II

June 6, 2015

As I’m sure you know, New York City is home to people from probably every nationality in the world, with this comes all of their amazing food. There are so many different types of food and cool restaurants to try that I’m never short of ideas for where to eat (but I may be short on the budget to do so haha). Back in January I did a quick recap of some of the best restaurants I had tried since being here, you can see that post here. About time I did another update of SOME of the amazing places I’ve tried. I try to take pictures of all of the nice restaurants I go to, so I remember them and can go back or recommend them to friends – but as I’m sure you understand sometimes I’m just too hungry to take pics haha. Here are some of the places that made the cut:

1. Motorino – Pizza


THE BEST PIZZA EVER. New York is known for two things: Pizza and Bagels, and I’ve said from the minute I’ve got here that if anything is going to make me fat it’s them. This is legitimate Italian pizza though, not your average pizza slice you can pick up across the street from work 5 days a week for dinner (obviously not talking about myself). Seriously worth a try though – this is the Soppressata Piccante Pizza with Tomato Sauce, 2 Cheeses (Mozzarella & Pecorino), Soppressata (Italian Salami), Olive Oil Chili Flakes, Sea Salt and Oregano.

2. Barraca – Tapas


Sangria & Tapas? You had me at hello. This cute spot in the West Village was a great find. With 8 different types of Sangria it was definitely a fun choice for happy hour. They do happy hour on food too. I love mixing and matching with Tapas – we ordered 5 dishes and finished all of them. The potatas bravas (as always) were my favourite, but the chorizo croquettes, mushrooms, oysters and cheese we had as well were definitely a great combination.


3. Kumo – Sushi


I have become absolutely obsessed with Sushi in the last few months. This East Village restaurant was a crazy but fun experience and something I would definitely recommend doing when you are in NY. It’s an all you can eat and all you drink deal for $44. For those of you who think you would never be completely full from sushi (I was one of these people) trust me – you can be!

It was fun as it allowed us to try lots of different types of sushi, and also try a ‘sake bomb’ for the first time – which is basically a shot of sake (Japenese liqour) dropped into beer (while shouting ‘Sake Sake Sake, Bomb Bomb Bomb!’ It sounds disgusting – and it is, but you do it anyway 🙂

4. Shabu-Tatsu – Japanese

If you are in the mood for something a bit different – this is it. It is a Japanese, self-cooking restaurant in the East Village.

You get huge portions of thinly sliced chicken, beef and pork to cook – along with lots of veg and rice. You basically boil everything in water for about 5 seconds and its ready to eat. It was delicious, really healthy and a lot of fun to make. Although I did feel sorry for the person cleaning the table afterwards, Irish people were not made to eat rice with chopsticks.

3360411_orig 5. Mother’s Ruin – Brunch


 We stumbled across this one day in Soho, look how cute the decor is. The food was as good as it looks and on top of that it was actually really reasonably priced. If you’re like me and always looking for new brunch spots this place is definitely worth a try! 8076600_orig

If anyone reading this has any good suggestions for restaurants in NYC let me know on Twitter: @louisecooneycom or Snapchat: @lou1409. I’m always hungry & looking for new places to add to my never ending list.

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