The Hamptons

August 4, 2015


This last weekend was spent away from the city in the beautiful Hamptons. Despite it being a relatively short trip (3 hours) from the city, it has to go down as one of my favourite places I’ve visited so far this year. A big thank you toMichaela for organising the fabulous house and most amazing group for the weekend.

Our weekend kicked off early on Friday as we left the city before 2pm in order to avoid the huge amount of traffic that builds up in the summer. For a lot of people in New York the weekly hike to the Hamptons is a normal thing – and after this weekend I can see why.

Our house was located in Hampton Bays and was absolutely perfect. Our first night was spent chilling out in the back garden making smores, chatting and having a few drinks – the perfect summer Friday.

I was so happy that while we were there we got the opportunity to explore Southhampton & Westhampton – they’re such beautiful towns so it was great to have the time to really enjoy both. Without a doubt, it was the best people-watching (& car-watching) spot I’ve seen in the US to date. If you follow me on Instagram & Snapchat (lou1409) you will have seen lots of what I’m talking about. We even bumped into one of my favourite bloggers Arielle from Something Navy.

Before we left on Sunday we did one last bit of creeping in the Hamptons – this time it was house-watching on Westhampton beach. Myself and Erika walked along the beach just in awe of some of the most expensive & amazing houses we had ever seen, complete with pools, tennis courts, hot-tubs on the roof & steps down onto the beach. If you ever need a bit of motivation to work hard – there it is. I looked up the value of these houses afterwards – some are up to $60 million.

This trip was definitely one to remember. It sometimes kills me to leave the city at the weekend, even with it being as uncomfortably hot as it is in the summer. I’m in my last month here so I’ve really been trying to enjoy every second. This weekend really reminded me what summer is about & I’m excited to visit my family in the Hamptons again this Friday.

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