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September 1, 2015

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Hi guys,

This week is a busy one full of goodbyes, packing and getting organised to go home on Friday. I’ve decided I’ll take back all those Monday’s I wished away. Have you ever noticed how often we wish away time, always thinking about whats ahead and then afterwards we look back and say how it went too fast?

So I’ve been making it my mission to enjoy every moment of my last bit of time here. The last weekend was the perfect last weekend in the city. It kicked off on Friday with some after work drinks on the Rooftop of the Met with Lorna, Erika & Ciara – what a gorgeous spot. We couldn’t believe we hadn’t been there before!

Saturday, the girls had organised a surprise for me. They told me to be ready at 2pm and from there they would tell me where to go. I met Ciara at the fountain in Central Park who then blind-folded me and brought me to my surprise – an outdoor picnic. We spent the day chatting, eating my favourite foods and drinking champagne – it was the most thoughtful idea and the best way to spend our last Saturday in the city together. I feel so lucky to have met these girls over here. We have become such close friends it feels like we know each other for years (even though it’s only a few months). I’m not quite sure how I’ll cope without them in Ireland next year!

Sunday, I took a trip to Connecticut to say goodbye to my family up there. All my youngest cousins are over here so I always get sad saying bye to them. Every time I come back they’ve grown up a little more. That many goodbyes in one weekend is not easy – I’d like to think I’m a pro at goodbyes after this year but 12 months on it definitely doesn’t get easier.

I shot this look in Soho last week before heading to meet another friend, Breff, to say goodbye. Just when I thought I was ready for Autumn, New York has heated back up again so I’m making the most of the summer gear while I still can. Yesterday went up to 34 degrees Celsius/ 92 degrees Fahrenheit – which is crazy considering today is September.

My last day at work is tomorrow so better get back to the goodbyes for now but I’ll be sure to do a quick post before I leave with a recap on the last year.

Hope everyone is having a good week – hopefully less emotional than mine 😉

Louise x

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Photos by Christina Emilie

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