Weekend Getaway to Kildare

November 16, 2015


Hi guys,

I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was pretty crazy – where to start… If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (lou1409) you’ll know that my phone was stolen on Thursday out of my hands as I walked home from work listening to music.It was half six in the evening and there was lots of people and cars around. A guy on a bike came up behind me and grabbed it out of my hands and was across the street and half way down the road by the time I had looked up and started shouting. It honestly gave me such a fright. The initial shock was the worst because I had my phone stolen out of my bag in July, and all those feelings just came straight back to me. It really was such an expensive pain to replace it. I use it for work and for my blog every day, so I really do need it. But luckily it’s only a phone, it can be replaced and so can everything that I had on it. It’s a good lesson to be more careful – you just never know until it happens to you.

I had booked work off on Friday (luckily) so I had time in the morning to get a new phone and get sorted. It also couldn’t have worked out better that I had organised a relaxing spa day and night away in the Killashee House hotel with my friend Dearbhla for that day. The hotel was so gorgeous, it looked like it fell straight out of Downton Abbey. We checked into our suite to find this beautiful 4-Poster bed. It literally felt like we had gone back in time and were a million miles away from Dublin – when in fact we were only 40 mins.

Our first stop was the Villa Spa in the Hotel where we relaxed in there amazing Hydrothermal pool and then got mini-facials. I haven’t gotten a facial in years and I expected it to be relaxing (which it was) but oh my god, the difference in my skin afterwards – I couldn’t believe it. It literally felt like it was glowing. I’ll definitely have to get them more often.

That night we had a gorgeous meal in Turners restaurant in the hotel. A very romantic setting for our fab girls night 🙂 Sometimes a nice, chilled night with your best friend is all you need. You can see pictures of what we ate below. For starters I had crab wrapped in smoked salmon, and for dinner I had Seabass with mash and roast veg. My mouth is actually watering at the thought. During our dinner we learned about the terrorist attacks in Paris. Every second we checked the news the reports were getting worse. We just went back to the room and were glued to the news for the night, like everyone else in the world. It’s such a sad and scary world we live in.

Saturday we kicked off our day with Afternoon Tea in the Killashee, which they are renowned for. 4 plates of food and 10 cups of tea later we left feeling very content. Our next stop was Kildare Village to check out their new extension with 35 new shops that opened last week. I couldn’t believe how many great shops there are there now: Kate Spade, REISS, Karen Millen, Benefit, The Kooples, All Saints and with 20% off everything we definitely picked a good day to visit. It was so pretty and Christmassy and visiting made me realise its finally time to stop skipping the Christmas songs when they come on – time to embrace it 🙂

It turned out to be a nice relaxing weekend after a stressful evening on Thursday. I’m lucky it wasn’t anything worse – all the happenings over the weekend really put small things like having a phone stolen in perspective,

Hope you all have a great week,

Louise x
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