Teen Vogue Course

Course 5: Developing Fashion Marketing and PR Skills

December 1, 2015


So here we are — the last section of the course! How fast did those 10 weeks fly by?

These last two weeks focused on developing marketing and public relations skills, something that’s important in all areas of the fashion industry (not to mention pretty much every industry).

PR and marketing — two separate but very intertwined things — are about setting up the right audience for your work. In the digital age we live in, this is more difficult than ever before. We, as consumers, are extra picky with what ads we look at, what content we read, and what we deem “cool.” Brands like Teen Vogue face the challenging task of staying relevant and at the top of our reading list on an hourly basis.

PR in the digital world is not just led by publicists like it used to be. Social media means that celebrities, brands, and even you or I can have huge a following, influence, and “personal brand.” The fashion industry has become increasingly aware of this, which is why you see huge brands reaching out to celebrities like Kendall Jenner and fashion bloggers like Kayture to spread their brand messages. In this world of technology, the rules that were associated with marketing and PR are changing, and they’re changing fast. This is why there is such an opening in the fashion industry for young, dynamic people who are in tune with current trends and bursting with fresh ideas.

At the end of this course I wanted to share some of the most valuable things I’ve learned over the last 10 weeks:

– Learn to manage your time Ten weeks is short, and two weeks for each course feels even shorter. Each week I handled the workload differently, but as it’s online, it really is just about fitting it into your schedule. Keep at it, enjoy it, and I promise each lesson is worth it in the end.

– Network I’ve mentioned before the importance of making connections and I can’t stress it enough. Networking shouldn’t just be the traditional swapping of business cards, or even as we know it today, connecting on LinkedIn. People appreciate valuable connections. Show people that you admire the work they do and offer your help to others. One genuine, good connection is better than one hundred business cards.

– Share ideas One thing that’s constantly reinforced throughout this course is the importance of creativity. Creativity is at the heart of the fashion industry; never be afraid to share your fresh and new ideas. It may be just what a potential employer is looking for.

Love what you do Throughout this course, I received advice from some of the fashion industry’s most well-known names. Each expert offered different advice in their different areas of expertise. But there was one clear thing they all had in common: a real love for fashion. You could tell when they spoke they were excited to be in the industry and working on their passion as a career. That’s what I call #lifegoals.

So that’s it! I’ve completed five fascinating fashion courses over a ten-week period and I will soon be graduating with a certificate in “Fashion Industry Essentials” from both Teen Vogueand Parsons. I honestly can’t believe how far I’ve come in ten weeks. For someone who has never studied fashion before, I can only say I am so impressed with the extent of the expertise shared on this course. I have developed a well-rounded knowledge of the fashion industry, as well as a strong pitch and portfolio that will be with me as I continue to pursue my dreams of working in the fashion industry. The most important thing this course has given me is direction. I know my strengths and am feeling so enthusiastic and optimistic about my future in the industry.

For more information on the course or to sign yourself up, click here. You can follow my journey through the 10 week course on my Instagram and Snapchat — I’m lou1409.

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  • Reply Samantha December 3, 2015 at 4:48 pm

    I have loved following your Parson’s journey, and I am excited to be embarking on mines on January 15. Really happy to hear you found the program really useful, I can’t wait!!!!! Now that you have completed all courses, what would you say was the most difficult section for you? and were you surprised by what you found the most interesting or was it what you expected? Thanks!!

    • Reply Louise Cooney December 6, 2015 at 11:42 am

      Hey Samantha,

      Thanks so much! That’s so exciting you’re starting soon. I definitely found the design and production sections the hardest. I have no experience in design so it was difficult for me. It’s still probably not the route I’d go down but is definitely useful to know about it. My favourite part was the career advice from all the industry experts. I loved hearing about their journeys. Hope you enjoy the course! Let me know if you’ve any more questions,

      Louise x

  • Reply yuka December 11, 2015 at 9:04 am

    hi! I’m a Japanese high school student who is into fashion. I really want to work in fashion industry in the future. Now I’m thinking about my life plan like “in what country and in what college should I learn?” And “what exactly should I learn?”. I found this studying course and searched about it, and I found your blog. I’m so interested in this program, and I want to ask you a question about it. When should I take the program? I don’t know much about this program and there may be age restriction tho, I don’t know if taking this course now( I haven’t learned anything about fashion in school yet because I’m still in high school) is the best way for me or not. Should I have basic ideas of fashion industry to take this course?

  • Reply Aoife January 17, 2016 at 11:48 am

    Hi, I loved reading your updates in this course. I came across the online course a while ago and have been considering doing it. Are the assignments just written and are there many of them? Also, I’m confused when you say it was a 10 week course, on their site it says you have a year to compete the course, or was that just how long it took you?
    Really appreciate any help on help on this, thanks

    • Reply Louise Cooney January 17, 2016 at 8:57 pm

      Hi Aoife,

      Thanks so much for reaching out I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed my updates. The assignments are very creative and visual – there not like your normal college assignments. No essays or anything thank god 🙂

      The course was originally intended to be 10 weeks so that was 2 weeks per section but they have extended it to be available for a year. Meaning you can access all the course info even after you finish which is great!

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with,

      Louise x

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