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January 2016


Wrapped Up & Looking Forward

January 24, 2016

Hey guys,

Happy Sunday! I literally couldn’t be more excited to start this week – knowing that it’ll be ending in my favourite city, New York! I found out last week I’ll be heading there for work next week – and I literally couldn’t be more excited! I just can’t wait to see some of my closest friends who still live there, to be back in my old (gorgeous) office, and to visit the places I used to spend a lot of my time last year. Not to mention all the pizza and bagels I am going to eat! If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you will know that I lived there for the year last year and I am a little bit NYC obsessed (this post will give you an idea of my feelings). Continue Reading…


Gym Update – My Top 5 Tips

January 21, 2016

Hey guys,

So I’m about 3 weeks into my health plan for 2016 and I thought it was time to a little update on where I am. I’ve definitely been feeling better and more energized since I’ve started exercising on a daily basis. But of course, there are the challenges of sticking to it, the pain of using muscles that have been inactive for so long, and of course the sacrifice of the daily treats. I thought I would do a post with my 5 of the top tips I’ve learned that have helped me (more or less) stick to my plan so far:

  1. Organisation is key

Let’s be honest – being organized all the time is hard. However for me, if I’m not organized with my food and if I don’t have food ready to go and eat – I more than likely will end up eating fast and bad-for-you food. I’ve gotten back into the habit of doing the Sunday grocery shop, prepping my lunches and buying ‘just in case’ healthy snacks. They are small steps towards being more healthy and organized with what I eat and so far so good!
Continue Reading…


Freezing Fur

January 18, 2016

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Hey guys,

I hope you all had a nice weekend and that your Dry January’s are going better than mine haha. I’m a strong believer in the term “Work hard, play hard” and I guess this weekend was a testament to that 😉 My 7am spinning class this morning was my attempt to make up for the weekend and start the week off on a healthy note – and I’m feeling it now! Continue Reading…


Winter Floral

January 11, 2016

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Hey guys,

Hope you’re all back into the swing of things now that the first week back is down. It’s always a bit of a struggle getting back into routine after the Christmas holidays. Especially when, like me, you’re trying to change your routine completely. Like I said in my last post, I’m trying to start 2016 on a healthier note than what 2015 ended on. Although the early mornings, gym sessions and cold weather proved to be a bit too much for my body last week and right on time the annual head-cold arrived. I’m just about over it now thank god! Continue Reading…


New Year New Me

January 6, 2016

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Hi guys,

I’m totally on the #newyearnewme band wagon this year – well for the moment anyway. Since moving home from New York in September I’ve been so lazy with regards to exercise and cooking healthy food. Perhaps I’ve just become lazy due to the stress of moving house. I remember spending ages looking at William Pitt homes for sale, I wanted to make sure I got what I wanted. Even when I found my perfect home, it was still stressful trying to make sure the moving process went smoothly. If I can I’m going to try and not move homes for a while now. But even so, now that I’m all settled into my new home. I’m still being lazy. Mainly because I was so busy starting in a new role at work and finishing up two college courses – but I think if you’re looking for excuses it’s always easy to find them 😉

My main aim is to tone up and feel healthier after a ridiculously indulgent December. It’s time to get back on the healthy buzz, I’m on Day 3 and all is going well so far. I can’t walk after TRX last night, and I’m craving some chocolate – but no pain no gain and all that 🙂 Continue Reading…