New Year New Me

January 6, 2016

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Hi guys,

I’m totally on the #newyearnewme band wagon this year – well for the moment anyway. Since moving home from New York in September I’ve been so lazy with regards to exercise and cooking healthy food. Mainly because I was so busy starting in a new role at work and finishing up two college courses – but I think if you’re looking for excuses it’s always easy to find them ūüėČ

My main aim is to tone up and feel healthier after a ridiculously indulgent December. It’s time to¬†get back on the healthy buzz, I’m on Day 3 and all is going well so far. I can’t walk after TRX last night, and I’m craving some chocolate – but no pain no gain and all that ūüôā 1_0155

Gym Plans

After 7 months rest from the gym, I decided it was time I got my ass back into gear. I’ve joined Flyefit gym in Dublin and have been set up with a program and aim to do 3 classes a week.

When I was first given my programme I thought I would be more than able for it – in comparison to what I had been doing in the gym 7 months ago. Then I tried to do it and could barely finish. I guess taking that long a break takes it’s toll. I think I have a few sore weeks¬†ahead of me.


My initial programme looks like this:


10 mins treadmill

10 mins bike




Gym Class


Resistance Workout

Exercise Sets Reps Rest Weight (KG)
Kettlebells Squat 3 10 60 Seconds 6 kg
Kettlebell Swing Squat  3  10  60 Seconds  6 kg
 Lunge with weights  3  10  60 Seconds  5 kg
 Bicep Curl  3  10  60 Seconds  5 kg
 Tricep Extension 3  10  60 Seconds  5 kg

Ab & Core Exercises

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Leg Raises 2 5 30 Seconds
Kettle Sit-up 2 12 – 15 30 Seconds
Plank 1 30 ‚Äď 60 Seconds 1 min
Frog Crunch 2 10 ‚Äď 15 30 seconds


Eating Plans

I’m not going to deprive myself, I just want to cut down the amount of processed and fatty foods I had been eating. My plan for the moment looks like this:


For breakfast I’ll be swapping sugary cereals for porridge. I’m going to try adding¬†different fruits¬†for variety.


For Lunch I¬†will be pre-packing a healthy lunch as opposed to eating out every day which is what I had been doing. It’s definitely a lot easier to be healthy when you have already organised what you eat. If I’m hungry and unprepared I often will cave and go for the fastest and tastiest option.

This week I’m making salads with Turkey, Lettuce, Red Onion, Carrots, Tomatoes, Cucumber and my dressing is Ballymaloe Relish.


Dinners this week are:
– Chicken, sweet potatoes and carrots
РQuiche and quinoa
– Salmon, Broccoli and Sweet Potato


This week I’ve been mainly trying to snack on fruit and nuts. I know it’s still early days so I’m going to have to try and introduce a lot more healthy options into my diet if I want to keep it consistent. Eating the same things all the time can definitely get a little boring.

Anyways that’s all the plans I’ve made to date. Like I said I’m not going to deprive myself and am just taking baby steps to being healthier (definitely baby steps today seeing as I can’t walk!) If anyone has any tips for what I should be eating please send them my way!

Louise x

Photos by Cormac Byrne

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  • Reply Jenni / ByJenni January 8, 2016 at 3:04 pm

    Always nice with some inspiration that can motivate me to live a little healthier. I often make these healthy pancakes made of just oats and an egg. I top them with greek yogurt (or skyr) and berries, nuts and sometimes dark chocolate. You can find a photo here from my blog: (its in Danish though)

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