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March 2016


Sunny Dublin

March 24, 2016

20160317_www.eavanm.comm_0071 20160317_www.eavanm.comm_0095

Hey guys,

Hope you all enjoyed the short week this week. There’s nothing I love more than when a Thursday is really your Friday!

The last few weeks in Dublin have been great. I’ve said it before but there really is no where better than Ireland in the sun – it’s still freezing of course but no one appreciates a ‘fine day’ more than an Irish person. I’m getting so excited for summer in Dublin – with the bright mornings and evenings I find myself just getting so much more out of the days than in the winter. I shot this look with Eavan on St. Patricks Day on the Quays (hence the green). We were so lucky with the weather for it this year!
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Make Up Lesson #1 – Contouring

March 22, 2016

Capture Louise 13 BeFunky Collage

Hey guys,

You may remember I had great plans at the start of the year to get better at doing make-up. The first 3 months of this year have just been so busy with work, travel and everything else that once again my make-up skills kind of fell to the bottom of the pile. Two weeks ago I decided it’s time to stick to my word and I got together with Emma Farrell from EF Creative Studios for a little make-up lesson. She is amazing – check out her website. There really is no one better to learn from!

I thought I would start with something very simple but effective – Contouring. I know there are probably a million and one contouring tutorials out there but I’ve made it very easy to follow with only 3 steps (for those of you who, like me, don’t know where to start). The idea behind contouring is to highlight the parts of your face you want to pull towards you and contour the parts you want to push away. Continue Reading…


Image Magazine Beauty Awards

March 21, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 21.43.12 12895547_1269289359752430_1139819560_n
Hey guys,

Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a good start. Mine was off to a slow start this morning after last nights festivities for the Image Magazine Business of Beauty Awards. Those of you who follow me on Snapchat (lou1409) will know I had a fun long weekend in general between celebrating Paddy’s day and being reunited with Becca, my best friend from college who is home from Australia for the first time in over 2 years. These awards were the icing on top of a great weekend!

I wanted to share some more photos to show you more of this fab Couture dress from Cari’s Closet – I’m in love! I also wanted to thank EF Creative Studios for inviting me and for my gorgeous make-up (some day I will be able to do my eyes like this!!)

Anyway that’s all for now – I’ll be back tomorrow with another make-up look from EF Creative Studios 🙂

Louise x

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 21.48.15 12674693_1269289193085780_1550055911_n 12528137_1269296959751670_915520518_n Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 21.52.57 Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 21.54.52 12476555_1269289353085764_939140162_n Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 21.56.49

Thanks to my gorgeous friend Lauren for the photos x


Work Work Work Work

March 11, 2016

LouiseCooney-Feb-LowRes-010 LouiseCooney-Feb-LowRes-004 LouiseCooney-Feb-LowRes-005 LouiseCooney-Feb-LowRes-007

Hey everyone,

Happy Friday!!! Another week down. I know I mentioned this in my last post but how are we in mid March already? This year is just flying. “Chapter 3 of 12” as I’ve been seeing all over my Instagram and Facebook feed. So far this year has been so busy and exciting – every week there has been something new to look forward to with New York, London & Budapest definitely being highlights! It’s hard to believe it’s 6 months since I moved back from New York – it feels like a lot longer. I finish the graduate program I’m on at the end of August, and I really thought I’d have a good idea of where I’d be after that by now – but I don’t! It’s a scary/ exciting thought.

Today also marks a year since I decided to post consistently on the blog, it’s not often I take the time to sit back and think about all the work that’s gone into it – but a year on I’m really glad I decided to keep it up. I still have a long way to go – and I’m sure anyone who blogs will agree it’s something you are never 100% satisfied with. You’re always thinking about what’s next and there is always more you can be doing, but I have to say I really do love having my own little creative space online that I can have fun with. It’s allowed me to meet so many great people and experience things I definitely wouldn’t have otherwise and all while I’m working on something that I truly enjoy and care about. Continue Reading…