March 9, 2016

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Hey guys,

I’m just back from such a nice weekend break in Budapest with my two sisters, Grace and Nicole. It was a very chilled weekend of sightseeing and eating – my favourite kind of weekend. I honestly couldn’t recommend Budapest more for a city break – it’s a short 2/3 hour flight but feels so much further with the language and currency differences. Not to mention how affordable it is!! You can get a three course meal for as little as €10 in places – it’s mad. Of course we took full advantage of this and went for really nice meals each night – meaning we left spending nearly as much as we usually would (if you had tasted my steak on the first night you would understand why – best meal ever!) 

It’s a relatively small city – and with the underground it’s very easy to get around. This makes fitting in a lot of sightseeing in a short space of time a lot easier.  For anyone who plans on visiting Budapest in the next while I thought I would do a round up of my favourite sites and restaurants to make your pre trip researching a little easier 😉

Some of the main things you have to visit while in Budapest are:

The best restaurants:

I’m home two days and I’m already in planning mode for my next trip. Somewhere sunny has to be my next stop…

Below are some photos from our trip, there’s more on Insta and Facebook (as always),

Hope you’re all having a good week,

Louise x


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    I loveBudapest.. Did it years ago while inter railing – class architecture 👌🏻Siobhan xx

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