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April 29, 2016

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The neutral tones are back – and I’m so happy about it. Spring is finally in full swing here in Dublin: the skies are blue, the trees are pink and it’s about 2 degrees (ok, not quite Spring temperatures). Here I’m wearing a gorgeous grey leather jacket from Mint Velvet with an all-white outfit – the crop top is Topshop and the skirt is Zara, there’s a similar one here. This jacket has my favourite addition to my wardrobe in a while. I’ve never been a huge leather jacket wearer but this one is so soft and neutral – it’s easy to mix and match it with most things in my wardrobe. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of it this summer.

Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s guilty of letting the ‘What’s next?’ thought wrack your brain for probably longer than it should. Whether you’re in school, college, finishing up a job contract, moving house – it’s a thought that we’ve all experienced and some point or another. I finish up my current job at the end of August and at the moment I’m not really sure what’s next. I’m usually quite an organised person so not having a plan definitely scares me. When I left New York in September, I wasn’t done with the city and I was sure I’d be going back there ASAP, but after coming home and settling in now I’m not convinced.

I’ve found myself the last few weeks spending way too much time thinking about what’s ahead rather than just enjoying the moment and going with it. I guess that’s where the above quote comes in. You can make all the plans in the world but that doesn’t mean they are going to happen. It’s great to have goals, and to work towards them but I think you also have to be open-minded and allow those goals to change if it feels right. Sorry I’m babbling now!

For the moment I’m really enjoying blogging and my last few months of work. I’m sure I’ll just wrack my brains with lots of ideas of what I’ll do next until I reach that point, luckily I have a few months (oh the joys of being in your twenties!)

I’m on the lookout for a fortune teller too – wouldn’t that be easier than making my mind up? Haha!

All outfit details are below as always,

Hope you all have a lovely long weekend,

Louise x

Outfit Details

Leather Jacket – Mint Velvet
Crop Top – Topshop
Mini skirt – Zara (similar here)
Shoes – Dorothy Perkins
Sunglasses – The Button & Bow Factory
Watch – Cluse Watches from Willow Boutique

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Photos by Brid O’Donovan

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