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July 2016


My Exercise Routine

July 19, 2016

IMG_0137 IMG_0103 IMG_0146 IMG_0033 IMG_0017 IMG_0132 IMG_0138

The hardest thing about exercise is to start doing it. Once you are doing exercise regularly, the hardest thing is to stop.

Hey guys,

I hope you’re all having a good week. You might remember at the start of the year, after 7 months without exercising I decided to get back into the gym and give being healthier a good go in 2016. I’m half way through the year now so taking a note from my friend Erika‘s book, I thought it was probably time to revisit this on the blog.

I’ve definitely incorporated it into my lifestyle and I make an effort to go to the gym and exercise a few times a week. Mainly I go to TRX class, Spinning class or I do a mix of cardio (usually running on the Treadmill) and some core/ ass exercises. Continue Reading…


Make Up Lesson #2 – Over-lining the Lips

July 14, 2016


Hey guys,

You might remember quite a while ago I vouched to spend more time improving my make-up skills. Shame on me – it’s been March since my last make-up lesson, you can see my last one where I learned how to contour here. Last week I spent some more time with Emma in EF Creative Studios, with big lips definitely being one of the big make-up trends for this year I said I would learn how to over-line my lips.

The process of doing over-lining is not pretty – I definitely felt a big drag-queenish at times. This is a big reason I never take risks with my make-up, because of the awkward in between phase, but when it’s finished it looks completely different. Below is a 7 step tutorial showing how Emma, one of Ireland’s top make-up artists over-lined my lips.

IMG_5923 Step 1: Apply the Base

We applied Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfecting Base to smooth out the lips and adhere the lipstick.


Continue Reading…


Summer Workwear

July 8, 2016

IMG_0148 IMG_0191 IMG_0193

Hey guys,

Happy Friday! I thought I would do a post on something I wear every day but don’t spend too much time talking about – Workwear. You can see some of my past workwear posts here, here, here and here. It’s definitely a little bit more challenging to dress for work – you can’t always wear what you feel like wearing, it has to be appropriate and it has to be comfortable.

When it comes to workwear I always feel under dressed with out a blazer. I literally think I have one in every colour at this point. I love this colourful one I picked up in H&M last week. I paired it with an all white outfit. I’m loving this Balmain-esque skirt which I also picked up in H&M.  Continue Reading…


Irish Summer Attire

July 5, 2016

IMG_0052 IMG_0054 IMG_0055 IMG_0067

“You have to be the kind of person who can make the best out of a Tuesday. You know those people who live for the weekends? They’re wishing their life away. You have to find something worth living for or else you’ll look back and realise you’ve wasted your life away.”

Hey guys,

I hope your week is off to a good start and you haven’t got absolutely soaked in one of July’s moody rain showers. Sorry to be a typical Irish person now giving out about the weather but seriously, how crazy is it these days? It’s like monsoon season or something haha!

I shot this look last weekend – one second it was sunny and the next it was pouring rain. Oh and not to mention the wind! It’s definitely a big change weather wise from last summer in New York. On the plus side the shiny ground made a lovely background for these photos 😉 Continue Reading…