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5 Tips on Exercising When You’re Busy

August 3, 2016

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Hey guys,

As I mentioned in a recent post, I have been working on expanding my gym wardrobe over the last while. With less than a month until my next trip to LA & Vegas there’s no better time to be investing in active wear and motivating myself to hit the gym!

Gym gear is definitely something worth investing in – you need the quality! I picked up these Olympia pieces from La Femme Projects – they’re stylish while also being a really comfortable, flexible fit. I particularly love the mesh detail on the sides of the leggings and the criss-cross back of the sports bra.

It’s definitely a challenge to find time for the gym every week – working full time and managing my blog keeps me pretty busy but it’s something I am committed to.

Here are 5 tips I can give for keeping healthy and exercising when you are really busy:

1. Find a gym that’s convenient

This has made all the difference for me – my gym is literally a two minute walk from my apartment so I never have an excuse to skip it!

2. Get up half an hour earlier or go to bed half an hour later

If you’re like me and your days are already filled to the brim with work and other things – but you want to commit to being healthier, it’s about making a sacrifice. For me half an hour in the morning or in the evening is nothing in comparison to how much better I feel after exercising. I have more energy, am in better form and feel a lot happier in general. I also find when I book into a morning class I’ll move a lot faster rather than taking my time checking all my apps before getting out of bed! Just remember to wear a sports bra to any class you attend. I had to learn the hard way!

3. A short workout is better than no workout

I’m sure many people can relate to the ‘falling of the wagon’ feeling if you miss the gym for a couple days or weeks in a row. The main thing is too not be too hard on yourself. If you don’t have as much time as you’d like, just do what you can. It will maintain your fitness and keep you on that wagon!

4. Learn some at-home exercises

If you don’t have the time to hit the gym every day that’s ok. You can learn some at-home exercises for your problem areas (whether it’s your arms, stomach, ass, legs) and practice these on your days off (even for 10/15 mins) to continue strengthening these areas.

5. Live an active life

I really think the the key to living a healthier life is to live an active one. Walk when you can and make sure you fill your days with activities that excite you. I use a step counter on my phone to track my activity. I’m not strict on myself with it. I just think think it’s good to be aware of how active you are on daily/ weekly basis.

I hope these tips are useful for some of you 🙂 If anyone has some for me send me a snap (username: lou1409) – I’d love to hear them. I NEED THEM this month 😉

Anyway I hope you are all enjoying the short week after the bank holiday. All outfit details are linked below,

Chat soon,

Louise x

All Clothes are from La Femme Projects
Olympia Top
Olympia Sports Bra
Olympia Leggings

I also picked up these leggings (not shown in photos)
Irish Fashion Blog Fitness
Irish Fashion Blog Fitness Irish Fashion Blog Fitness Irish Fashion Blog Fitness Irish Fashion Blog Fitness

Photos by Brid O’Donovan

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  • Reply Simi August 4, 2016 at 11:43 am

    I really love the criss-cross back of the sports bra, it´s really cute. Very good tips, thank you for sharing. The best tip for me is the home exercise because I really dont have time to go to the gym.. and I work full time in a place where I am aaalways walking a lot so I take it as a kind of “gym” 😀 and when I come home I am tired and happy that I can sit down 😀

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