September 22, 2016

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Hey there,

So September is shaping up to be a pretty good month for me travel-wise so far. On Tuesday evening I got back from a long weekend in Barca, which has to go down as¬†one of my favourite trips this year. It’s a city I’ve been to a few times before, but it just never gets old. You have the beach, the city, the culture and (the best part) the weather ūüôā

We arrived on Friday afternoon to clouds and a grim forecast for the next few days – but by Saturday afternoon the sun came out for us and stayed out. Our first stop was the rooftop Pool at the Ohla hotel for some cocktails and tapas. We started as we meant to go on.

Next stop, with the sun being out, was of course the beach where we ended up spending most of our time on this trip! Barceloneta beach is one of a kind. It’s probably the busiest beach I’ve ever been on but a beach¬†where you can’t help but have fun, with every second person selling “Sangrias, Mojitos.. Sangrias, Mojitos..” – you might have caught that on my Snapchat (username: lou1409).

One of my favourite things we did on the trip ¬†cocktails at¬†‘Eclipse‘ bar in the W hotel. We arrived just in time for sunset and watched the sky turn¬†a million different colours. It’s definitely worth a¬†trip¬†if you plan on visiting Barcelona.

I thought I would do a quick to-do list for those of you looking for some travel inspo if Barcleona is on the cards for you:

My month of travelling hasn’t quite ended yet as I am headed to Disneyland, Paris next Wednesday with Primark¬†and¬†I’m so excited! We will be wearing lots of pieces from the Primark x Disney collection¬†they have in stores at the moment, and will be staying in the CASTLE!!!

Stay tuned on my Snapchat (lou1409) and Instagram for lots of updates while I’m away,

Chat soon,

Louise x
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