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January 2017


Winter Whites

January 27, 2017

Hey everyone,

Happy Friday (and payday – we’ve waited long enough!)

This weekend is a fun one. I have the Gossie Awards tomorrow night where I am nominated for Influencer of the Year. I’m usually quite organised when it comes to dressy events like this but I still haven’t decided what I’m wearing. This week was just crazy busy with work and things so I didn’t get a chance. I hope to do a quick run around the shops this evening to see if I can pick up a few bits. This side of January isn’t the best for shopping as it is the tale-end of the sales but fingers crossed I can put something nice together. I’m really looking forward to catching up with everyone and of course seeing the style. Follow along on Snapchat (lou1409) – I’ll be posting lots of pics. Continue Reading…


Where to next?

January 24, 2017

Hey guys,

I hope you’re all having a good week. Payday week – finally! This week is a busy one, with lots of SS17 previews, meetings with brands, and planning for the months ahead. Everyone seems to be in planning mode this month, it’s the best way to cure those winter blues in my opinion. One of my new years resolutions was to travel to 8 places this year that I’ve never been before. Although I did quite a bit of travelling last year, I only went to one place I’d never been before (Ibiza). 2017 is gonna be a year of lots of new adventures, in new cities.

Next month I will be travelling to Lisbon and Milan (for Fashion Week… eeeee!) and in March I’m heading to Dubai. That’s 3 new places ticked off the list!

If you’ve been following my blog since the start you’ll know I lived in New York for a year and moved back last September. It was one of the best things I ever did, I learnt so much, had the best experiences and made some really great friends. Since moving back I’ve been trying to decide my next move, I had originally thought I’d move back to New York as soon as I’d finished my contract at work. At that time I definitely could have seen myself living there forever, but since moving back I’ve learned that Ireland is definitely where I want to live when I’m older. Saying that, I’m in my twenties and it’s really the only chance I’ll get to move away and experience life in a different country, so I’ve been considering my options. No one ever regrets it, do they?! I finish my contract in work in May/ June, so I’m not talking anytime soon, but moving again is on the cards later in the year.

I’d love to hear some of your thoughts on this. Do you ever consider moving? Have you moved? What was your experience like? Where should I go? If you have any thoughts you think are worth sharing with me please do drop me a message or even just Snapchat me (lou1409), Continue Reading…

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5 Tips to Motivate Yourself to Get Healthy

January 20, 2017

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday!! I really thought it was never going to come this week – what a long one. Things are looking up from next week though, as it’s payday for most of us 🙂

Thankfully I had a fun event yesterday morning with Primark that broke up the week for me. It was a wellness event to kickstart their “Primark, Set, Go” campaign.

If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram – you already know what we got up to including a hardcore boxing class and a food demo from the fab Little Green Spoon. It began with a wellness talk from Coach John Kavanagh (best known for being Conor McGregor’s coach). He would hate for me to say his talk was motivating, as he doesn’t believe in motivating others, but it was. He really sent out the message that achieving goals is all about self-motivating.  Hence where I got the inspiration for this blog post.

I’m slowly but surely getting back into my fitness routine. Here are my top 5 tips for self-motivating, based on the wise words I heard yesterday and some I’ve picked up myself over time:

  1. Just do it
    There’s no point in talking about wanting to get fit, be healthier, eat better, etc. There’s no use in waiting until you find the best diet, the perfect workout, or a motivating mentor. If you want to get started on a fitness goal, just do it. Start now and be consistent with it. You’ll learn ways to improve your workout and what your eating as you go, the hardest part is getting yourself out of bed in the morning and making the decision to do it. You’re the only person in control of that decision.
  2. Make a plan
    For me, without a plan my healthy buzz goes down the drain very quickly. The detail of the plan can vary based on how serious you are taking your diet at that time, but in general, thinking ahead about what you’re going to eat, booking gym classes, planning weekend activities to avoid the weekend binge, these are all things that will help keep your motivation on track. I’m planning on booking in with a personal trainer in the next week so I have a tailor made exercise plan that I can use on the days I don’t feel like going to classes.
  3. Surround yourself with motivated people
    I’m a big believer in this, there’s nothing quite as motivating as surrounding yourself with motivaters, dreamers and doers. It’s infectious. It also is good to have people you can talk about your goals with, whether it’s fitness or otherwise.
  4. Picture your end goal
    My end goal is Dubai in March, I want to feel good and feel fit for then. I took my fitness quite seriously before I went to Vegas and LA last summer, so I know I can do it again. I’m shaping my end goal by the choices I make when it comes to exercising and what I eat, this helps me make healthier choices.
  5. Don’t deprive yourself
    My last tip is not to be too hard on yourself. As Coach Kavanagh said “If you’re craving sugar, then just have sugar”. Making smarter choices and substituting where possible definitely helps, for example you could swap a bar of Dairymilk for a few squares of dark chocolate, chips for sweet potato and brown bread instead of white. These small substitutes do make a difference and will lead to healthier lifestyle habits in general.

Continue Reading…


New Year, New Outfit

January 16, 2017

Hey guys,

I’m back with my first outfit post of 2017 – sorry I’ve been a bit slow off the mark this year. I found getting back into my routine a little harder this year. I was so busy before Christmas that when I stopped for a break, starting again was so much harder. It’s like after a run haha you’re fine if you just keep going but if you stop that’s when you feel it. The TWO colds I got over Christmas this year definitely slowed me down a little too.

Now we are well and truly into January and Christmas feels like a distant memory. The weather has really taken a colder turn the last while – I always find January and February to be the coldest, just when you think Winter is gone and Spring is on the way haha we still have another bit to go before it’s anyway warm again, but at least the days are getting longer!!! We are so blessed in the summer with brightness until 9/10pm!

Anyway, I was home for the weekend for my sisters birthday and it was so nice! It was made that little bit better with the news that I was nominated for Influencer of the Year in the Goss Awards this year. I really don’t think I have a hope of winning, but it’s just so cool to be in there beside some of my favourite influencers and friends! It’s a nice little reminder to keep going with it 🙂

I think before Christmas I was so caught up working that I got a little bit confused about what exactly my blog stood for. Should I share more? Where do I want it to take me? Is my content good enough? What is my end goal? Where do I draw the line? These are questions I’ll always ask myself and it is the downside of working in this industry. Having some time over Christmas to just chill really gave me time to remind myself why I started it and it gave me time to put things in perspective. First and foremost it’s something I enjoy – so it’s my priority to keep it that way, especially while I’m still working full time. I don’t have the answers, but I think most people don’t so we’re all just going with it and hoping at some point down the line we figure it out. It’s encouraging to be nominated an award like that, because even if I  don’t feel like it half the time, I must be doing something right?! 🙂 If you have a second I’d love if you would have a look and vote for your favourite.

Anyway, that’s enough babbling. Let’s talk about this look. As always, black boots are my go-to in the winter months. I have quite a few pairs, but finally I’ve gotten my hands on a pair that are actually practical as well as stylish. These SOREL boots are completely waterproof, and created with a functional fashion element in mind, so even though it gives you enough height with the heel it’s still designed to be walked around in all day without stopping you (They are so comfy!!! I know how hard it is to find a comfy pair of boots – trust me!) They are available in store in Arnotts now and online from the SOREL website here.

I’ve paired this look with my new extra long grey coat from Dorothy Perkins, my trusty Topshop jeans and a Pretty Little Thing croptop. I’ve dressed up this pretty simple look with my Gucci Mini Marmont bag and my Dior So Real Sunglasses.

I’m (more or less) back into my routine now, so from here on out there will be weekly updates on the blog,

Have a great week guys,

Lou x

This post was sponsored by SOREL Footwear
Photos by Brid O’Donovan

Shopping Post: Keeping Warm in January

January 9, 2017

Hey everyone,

It’s 2017 and I’m back with what proved to be one of my most popular kind of blog posts last year – a shopping post! This time, considering the freezing weather, I thought I would put together a compilation of my favourite cosy, warm pieces that I found online at the moment. I know it’s all I’m interested in buying at the moment – I’m all about keeping wrapped up. Goodbye skimpy party dresses, hello warm cosy knitwear!

I know payday is still a week or two away for most people, but we’ll need ideas of what to spend on then won’t we 😉 haha


Ruffle Jumper €25 / Lace-up Jumper €23 / Cropped Stripy Jumper €15

Grey Polo Neck €56 / Cable Knit Jumper €67 / Open Shoulder Black Knit €72

Choker Knit Jumper €47 / Pink Ladder Knit Jumper €50 / Flute Sleeve Nude Jumper €50 Continue Reading…