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Private Jet to Monte Carlo with Samsung

February 19, 2017

Hey guys,

I don’t even know where to start with this blog post. It’s a pretty special one. It’s not every day you get to travel by private jet to Monte Carlo. What a day!!! I haven’t felt that excited ALL DAY in a long time, I literally felt like a child going on a plane for my first time. Even though we were all up from 5am in the morning, with the energy between us all you wouldn’t have known it.

The idea behind the trip was to live the A-list life for a day to celebrate the launch of the new Samsung A-Series phone. I received my Samsung A5 phone the day before the trip, mine is gold but they also come in 3 other colours (Black, Blue & Peach). The camera on both the front and back of the phone are really high quality and we had the perfect locations to test it out for the day, starting in a private jet and then spending the day in stunning Monte Carlo.

My taxi picked me up at 6am, and dropped me off at Platinum Services in Dublin Airport, where I met the rest of the group. We had a private room to relax in before security and take off. I love travelling, but I dread the stress of security and packed airports before flying. We were brought from our lounge area, straight to a private security area (that took 5 seconds) and a bus picked us up from here and dropped us straight to the door of the jet. The whole process was absolutely seamless, and not a bit stressful – no wonder the rich and famous travel so often. I learnt in work on Friday that that pre-flight service is actually available for any flight, even if you’re only travelling an hour to London and its available for any airline. It’s €160.

We arrived at our private jet (which was the Legacy 650 executive jet with 12/13 seats) to a stunning pink-sky sunrise. As you can imagine, it was Instagram heaven haha! We boarded the jet and enjoyed our breakfast of champagne and pastries as we set off for the South of France. It was absolutely everything you’d expect a private jet to be, so fancy, so photogenic and so surreal. I’m getting excited again even thinking about it 🙂

We arrived in Nice Airport and had a 45 min drive to our lunch location in the Michelin star ‘Le Vistamar‘ restaurant in the Hermitage hotel. This was a 6 course meal like I’ve never experienced before. I’ve never eaten at a Michelin star restaurant, and it did not disappoint. The decor, the flavours, the service, everything was just out of this world.

After the meal, I set off with the group to explore Monte Carlo. I should have mentioned by now the lovely group of people there was on this trip, it really made the day just so special and one I’ll remember forever. There were 2 Samsung reps, 2 prize winners and 6 other influencers on the trip. You probably saw on my Snapchat I travelled with Anouska, Courtney, Rob, James, Stephen and Daithi – each so nice and amazingly talented. I left the trip with sore cheeks from laughing and a head full of ideas. It was such an inspiring group to spend the day with.

When in Monte Carlo we all head off for a little wander around the port area, window shopping for our future yachts. Normally I’m a little conscious being so snap happy while I’m near water – with a history of dropping phones down the toilet, in puddles, in the sea haha. The new Samsung A5 is water resistant though, which is great! So no worries there 🙂 After our visit to the port we took a break at Cafe De Paris accompanied by ridiculously over-priced Espresso martinis (€25 a pop – you can see what kind of a market Monte Carlo is built for). Although with that being said, the cocktail was worth every penny for the amazing people watching you can do from this cafe – the glamour! 

After our cocktail we decided our next stop would be the world famous Monte Carlo Casino. Unfortunately there is no photos allowed inside, but trust me, it is stunning! We all grabbed stools and took part in a very serious game of Black Jack, where of course there were some winners (James, Anouska, Rob), some losers (Courtney 🙁 ) and some who just broke even (me) – but the lols were had all around.

At this point in the day, it was time to prepare to go home. Which would have been sad had we not been returning to Ireland on a private jet again. I mean come on?! How we will ever return to Ryanair after this I do not know, but I’m looking forward to finding out this weekend as I’m off to Milan for Fashion Week 🙂

Anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it, and taking the photos of course. There is a lot more photos in here than I normally include in blog posts, simply because I couldn’t decide. The Samsung A5 has specific modes within the camera that help enhance the photo for perfect shots – they’re like built in filters, and it has a super accurate auto-focus meaning your photos are always super clear, which as a blogger is very important to me 🙂

This trip was honestly like a dream for me. I never thought my blog would give me opportunities like this. To travel to these places, to work with brands I really love and to make so many friends along the way – I feel so lucky. For the last few months I think I had been stuck in a bit of a rut with my blog, I have spoken about feeling a little uninspired, but after this trip I feel so refreshed, inspired and motivated to keep working at it, to take more risks and to really give it 110%.

Thanks so much for reading, and a big thanks to Samsung for taking me on this trip,

I have one more blog post to come from Monte Carlo – I’ll have it live either tomorrow or Tuesday,

Have a great evening guys,

Lou x

P.S. Lots of you asked for my outfit details, I’ve linked them below:

Outfit Details

Top- Zara
Skirt – Topshop (Out of Stock – Similar colour skirt here)
Bra – Primark
Faux Fur Coat – Missguided (Out of Stock – Similar here)
Boots – Zara (Out of Stock – similar here, and similar in pink here – love these)
Bag – Zara (Out of Stock – similar style here in red)
Sunglasses – Dior

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