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Sunrise in the Dubai Desert

April 3, 2017

Hey guys,

Back to work and reality, but my mind is still living in Dubai. I wanted to share one last blog post with you and some photos of probably one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to – deserted roads in the middle of the Dubai desert at sunrise.

We set off to the middle of the desert at 5am to catch this beautiful moment – an early start is not something I can be found doing very often on holidays, but it was so worth it. These roads were originally built with the intentions of leading to a compound, but they ended up never being used, and they are slowly but surely being washed away by the desert. You can get a better idea of what they look like here

How perfectly does my dress match the sunrise? I’m a sucker for a beach dress, this Primark one is the perfect length, colour and shape. All my accessories, and shoes are Primark too. I picked up so many amazing summer bits in there before I left, you may have seen my Snapchat haul. Who knew March was such a good time for sun holiday shopping?

One of my favourite things about Dubai was the huge variety of everything there was – for a crazy city with a lot of high rise buildings and construction, it also has some of the most beautiful beaches and the coolest deserted deserts I’ve ever seen. It has something for everyone, I can’t imagine ever getting bored here!

Anyway, I’ll stop talking about Dubai now (on my blog at least),

I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts,

Have a good week,

Lou x

This post was sponsored by Primark

Photos by Rayan ZGheib and Shackette

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