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May 18, 2017

Hey guys,

First of all let me start off by apologising for not posting in SO LONG! It’s been almost a month. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve left it so long. I’m gonna use Cooper, work and life in general as my excuse this time. But I promise I won’t leave it so long again. I did do two new YouTube videos in my absence here, have you seen them? (here and here)

Speaking of Cooper, since I wrote my last blog post I have gained a puppy with my housemate Chloe. We are now dog-moms 🙂 and loving every second (bar those sleepless nights where he barked all night long!). He’s slowly getting the hang of peeing outside, staying in the crate at night and is just the best company (he’s cuddled up on my lap as I write this!)

In other news, I had been very lax about making summer plans this year. Partly due to the fact that I just love summer in Ireland and also because my holiday days in work are running out very quickly, but I have made some plans this week, and it’s shaping up to be a very busy, exciting summer. I’m never usually one to keep anything secret, but until everything is confirmed I’m gonna keep this one to myself. I promise I will share everything on the blog in due course 🙂 

I’ve never felt energy and excitement like I do now for the months ahead. Can you tell I am a summer baby? I’ve been test driving the new Audi Q2 this week, and have been able to drive out to the beach on these glorious summer evenings which has just been absolute bliss. It’s a dream to drive! I have been carless for almost 3 years now. After living without a car in New York for a year I decided I wouldn’t need one in Dublin, and sold my car. Not considering the fact that public transport in Dublin is not quite what it is in New York haha. I definitely do miss it sometimes, and this week is such a tease. Another thing to add to my lust list haha!

I was so happy to be back shooting with Brid this morning, I’m ready to get back into the swing of things, and have lots of blog posts to come! Here I’m wearing a top and skirt from Missguided, a Zara bag and boots and Primark sunglasses.

I’ll be back soon with more (promise),

Happy almost Friday,

Louise x

Photos by Brid O’Donovan

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