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October 6, 2017

Hey there,

Happy Friday! After the busiest September I’ve ever had, I’m coming back to blogging with a bang this week. I didn’t get to post on here as often as I would have liked with all of my travels, but I’m back to my usual routine now for the winter! And I have to say, I have never been so excited for the colder, darker months ahead haha! That sounds a little bit more grim than I mean it, I just can’t wait for cosy nights in, knit jumpers, coats, lots of hot drinks, and of course, CHRISTMAS!

I remember last year I would shoot an outfit post once a week with Brid before work, which meant a ridiculously early start, an outfit change before work and lugging around another wardrobe with me for the whole day. In the winter there is also the huge struggle that is, having only 6/7 hours of daylight in the day. This year I have so much more freedom and I plan on taking full advantage 🙂 I’m no longer living the double life of blogger/ office worker. I’m full time Louise now haha!

I shot this look in one of my favourite places to shoot – Trinity. I’m wearing a new Irish jewellery brand called New Romantic. It was founded by two Irish women who understand the beauty in simplicity. These delicate pieces are classic, feminine and striking without being overpowering – exactly what I look for in jewellery. They have a new shop on Drury Street in Dublin and can also be purchased online on – the perfect Christmas present if you ask me 🙂 A friend of mine told me about some amazing jewellery from Jacobs The Jeweller, but I didn’t opt for it in my outfit choice, this time. See below for a link to all the pieces I’m wearing!

I love styling up looks and putting them together with some words here on my blog, it’s a nice way of showing my style at that moment in time but also is a little collection of memories for me. There’s always some funny back story to the shoot. Here are some that stand out to me:

1. March 2015 – my first EVER outfit blog post! My nerves, I still remember them. 2 and a half years ago while I was living in New York, it feels like a lifetime ago now! It was the first time I had worked with a photographer like this, we were both only learning and helping eachother. It was easier for me to take the leap and put myself out there when I was so far from home and everyones comments – I’ll always love NY for giving me that courage 🙂

2. November 2015 – this one was shot on my lunch break from work, at the closest possible spot to work so that I would still have time to eat before heading back in. I remember being so nervous in case people from work saw me and thought I was an eejit posing up a storm on my lunch break. LOL. I still get so nervous of people I know seeing me when I’m shooting a look for the blog haha! I was only back in Dublin 2 months at this stage after moving home from New York and was trying to get the hang of blogging in Dublin. I was reaching out to lots of different photographers and started going to events. I also had my first date with Gerard this week haha!

3. December 2015 – this one was a part of my FIRST EVER blog collaboration! I was just started to feel settled back at home after moving home from New York- I finished my post-grad in International Business and my Teen Vogue fashion course that month. I remember feeling so free after 5 years of studying, I was finally done!

4. June 2016 – I remember shooting this look with a lump in my throat, my eyes were watering behind my sunglasses. I had a really tough week and was just trying to keep myself busy! I’ll always be so grateful for having this little hobby for keeping me motivated and somewhat happy even when everything isn’t going right. We’ve been through a lot together this blog and I 🙂

5. January 2017 – this ‘Where to Next’ post was shot last January, when I was seriously considering moving to Australia. I went to a talk in USIT on Australia day, I knew all of the info and was almost ready to book the VISA when something just clicked; I changed my mind and it never changed back. I’m not saying I’d never move anywhere again, I would definitely consider it (maybe not somewhere quite as far as Oz) but for now I’m really happy in Ireland.

They were just a few blog posts I was looking over today, there are so many more I could talk about, but I think I’m emotional enough after reading all of those haha!

Anyway, that’s enough rambling for one day, I’m off to look at the products available at because apparently, they’ve got some beautiful anklets, eeeeekk!

Have a great weekend guys,

I’ll be back next week with more,

Lou x

Jewellery Details:

Unravelled Bracelet: €110
Long Tassle Necklace: €140
Unravelled Gold Necklace: €195
Panache Choker Necklace: €45 (Available in store)
Valiant Choker Necklace: €45 (Available in store)
Valour Earrings: €120 (Available in store)
Jager Gold Ring: €80

Photos by Brid O’Donovan

This post was sponsored by New Romantic Jewellery

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