Winter Workwear

August 14, 2018

Hi guys,

I remember from my Tourism Ireland days how hard workwear shopping was. I would spend so much time and money trying to find pieces that were office appropriate, comfortable and still a little stylish. Not an easy task.

It’s also not the funnest thing to spend your hard earned cash on. I’ve found some really reasonable pieces online, ones that are easy to mix and match (which is SO important).

If you invest in a few pieces from each section I’ve highlighted below you should have a workwear wardrobe that will turn into about 50 different outfits. Nobody wants to be spending their early mornings outfit planning so I suggest sticking to the same colour palette (with the odd pop of colour, of course) that way it’s easy to co-ordinate no matter what you decide to put on while you are still half asleep.

I did a video with Laura from back in June talking all about Summer Workwear and some tips for putting your workwear wardrobe together – click here to watch, we’re hoping to do another one soon for winter workwear, let me know if you’d like to see that,

Anyway I hope you find this post helpful,

Happy shopping,

Louise xx

Blazers/ Jackets


Skirts/ Trousers 




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