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My big news!

July 4, 2017

Hi there,

So if you’re reading this you may already know my big news… I have decided to leave my job and become a full time blogger. AHHH! This was huge decision for me, that I have thought about for over a year and although I know I’ll be so sad saying goodbye to everyone tomorrow, I am SO EXCITED to get started on my next chapter.

Where it all begin 

Blogging, fashion, photography and documenting everything have been passions of mine as long as I can remember: from outfit planning that began at far too young an age, to my first designer bag that was the size of a pencil case, to the boxes of diaries I’ve kept all my life and all those collages from magazines I spent hours making… blogging just seemed like a natural step to me, right from the start. Something I loved, and still love as much as day one. Continue Reading…


My Skincare Program

June 20, 2017

Hi everyone,

In April I started a 12 week program with the Laser and Skin Clinic to treat sun damage and reduce the amount of sun damage that my skin is getting for the future as well. If you follow me on social media you’ll know I am a sun worshipper and I adore some warm weather. The damage the sun can do is something I’m not a fan of, however. It’s something I’ve grown more conscious of as I’ve gotten older and I really just want to make sure I am protecting my skin as much as I can.

I visited the Laser and Skin Clinic and met with Anna, who gave me a consultation and started me on the Obagi Fx Skin Program. Obagi Fx System is an option for clients who want a homecare skin program to treat sundamage (pigmentation) without the downtime of peels or lasers. The system can be used in conjunction with superficial peels to achieve a faster result. The peels take no more than 20/30 mins and I experienced light peeling on my face after them. It’s not super obvious, and can be covered with make-up.

I’m 8 weeks into the program, and although it was an adjustment to get used to this new routine at the start. I could do it with my eyes closed now, its takes only a few mins each morning and evening and I’ve seen a huge improvement already – not only in the pigmentation on my skin, but also in my complexion. My skin is blemish free and so much smoother since I started the program.

I have two different skincare routines in the morning and in the evening – you can see the detail of these below.

In the morning, I alternate between Obagi Clenziderm and Obagi C-Cleansing Gel Cleanser to wash face. Clean off with wet face cloth. Add 3 drops of Vitamin C, 2 squirts of SPF 40, and a pea size amount of the Exfoliating day cream before continuing with your make up routine.  Continue Reading…

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Half Way Through

June 9, 2017

Hey there,

Happy Friday! This week was a lovely short one for me, with the bank holiday on Monday and the Benefit trip that didn’t happen on Wednesday and Thursday. I only ended up actually being in work for 2 days. If you follow me on social media you’ll know I was supposed to go on a trip with Benefit to an island off the coast of England but the weather was too bad to travel – so it was cancelled. I had two days in Dublin with no major plans, which is something that has become very unusual for me in the past 6-8 months.

I was able to organise some blog work, get some general life jobs done and I got to actually relax for the whole evening with Lauren – it was bliss. It also gave me some time to think, and to look over the past 6 months. We have hit June, the half way point for the year (where has the time gone!!!) and I thought it would be no harm to have a look at those New Year resolutions I made at the start of the year and see where I am now.

So what were my resolutions:

Smile more … 

This is one of my favourite resolutions I made last year. Just to clarify, I didn’t necessarily mean just physically smiling more, I meant just being happier in general. Paying more attention to all the things I have to be grateful for, and focusing on those. I remember coming up to Christmas last year I was feeling super tired and almost burned out. I was really busy with work and my blog and I had just moved house – so found myself getting stressed and not appreciating all the amazing things I have. No matter how crazy things get it’s important to always keep things in perspective and be happy with all things that are going right. So more smiling has definitely been happening this year 🙂  Continue Reading…

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Snap Happy in Toulon

May 28, 2017

Hey everyone,

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I’m just back from two days in the South of France with Princess Cruises. It was such a fun few days exploring vineyards, tasting all things French and touring the amazing Royal Princess Cruise ship (where I took these photos) I vlogged the trip and can’t wait to show you every inch of this beautiful boat on my YouTube, hopefully I’ll have that video up tomorrow.

As usual when I go away, I got a million and one photos 🙂 One of the questions I get asked most often is what camera I use to take my photos, and what apps I use to edit them. For a long time I only used my Olympus Pen EPL-7 camera when taking photos (and I have used it on this post for some of the photos). But thankfully I have found a phone with a camera just as good as my actual camera, it’s small, easy to carry and has made my life so much easier – the Samsung S8. Continue Reading…

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Catching up

May 18, 2017

Hey guys,

First of all let me start off by apologising for not posting in SO LONG! It’s been almost a month. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve left it so long. I’m gonna use Cooper, work and life in general as my excuse this time. But I promise I won’t leave it so long again. I did do two new YouTube videos in my absence here, have you seen them? (here and here)

Speaking of Cooper, since I wrote my last blog post I have gained a puppy with my housemate Chloe. We are now dog-moms 🙂 and loving every second (bar those sleepless nights where he barked all night long!). He’s slowly getting the hang of peeing outside, staying in the crate at night and is just the best company (he’s cuddled up on my lap as I write this!)

In other news, I had been very lax about making summer plans this year. Partly due to the fact that I just love summer in Ireland and also because my holiday days in work are running out very quickly, but I have made some plans this week, and it’s shaping up to be a very busy, exciting summer. I’m never usually one to keep anything secret, but until everything is confirmed I’m gonna keep this one to myself. I promise I will share everything on the blog in due course 🙂  Continue Reading…

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Back on it!

April 24, 2017

Hi everyone,

After a very indulgent few weeks (between Dubai, Positano, and the Style Awards) it’s time to face the fact that summer is on the way (YAY!) and I need to get back on that healthy band wagon.

For me, I don’t like to call it a diet. I just try and cut out the crap from my diet. If I am really craving something like chocolate I will allow myself a healthier alternative, and the longer I keep up with eating healthy the easier it will get. I read a good saying the other day:

Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going

Continue Reading…