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The Importance of Downtime

February 24, 2017

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday! I’m so excited it’s the weekend, and as you know from my last post I am off to Milan in the morning. This month has been amazing for travelling and I’ve loved every second but it has been absolutely manic busy as well. I’ve barely had a second to think between trips haha. Travelling, working full time, managing my blog, trying to be healthy, seeing friends and family – there’s a lot to fit in, and it definitely can get overwhelming sometimes.

This week in particular I’ve gotten quite a few snaps from my followers asking how I find time for everything so I thought it would be useful to write a post about this just to explain that despite my best efforts I don’t always find time for everything, and the thing that probably suffers most is my downtime. And it shouldn’t.  Continue Reading…

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Small Changes, Big Results

February 15, 2017

Hi guys,

I hope you’re all having a great week. I’m trying to get my fitness regime back on track after my weekend in Lisbon, that involved lots of eating out and of course a few drinks. It can feel a little overwhelming sometimes when you feel like you’ve fallen off the wagon, so I try to keep it simple and make small changes that I’ll stick to, but that really make the difference over time. It takes 21 days to make something a habit, so by introducing one new habit every 3 weeks, imagine where you’ll be in a year. These are my top 5 easy tips to lead to big changes in your overall health and fitness over time:

1. Swap Brown for White

I try my best to make smart choices where possible, get brown rice with a take away, brown bread with a sandwich, wholewheat pasta, you get the jist. You can treat yourself without falling completely out of your routine.

2. Swap Lemon and Hot Water for Tea/ Coffee

By swapping your morning tea/coffee for lemon and hot water you are kick-starting your metabolism first thing and already getting more water into your day. If, like me, you struggle to drink as much water as you should, this is a great way to get it in.  Continue Reading…

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5 Tips to Motivate Yourself to Get Healthy

January 20, 2017

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday!! I really thought it was never going to come this week – what a long one. Things are looking up from next week though, as it’s payday for most of us 🙂

Thankfully I had a fun event yesterday morning with Primark that broke up the week for me. It was a wellness event to kickstart their “Primark, Set, Go” campaign.

If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram – you already know what we got up to including a hardcore boxing class and a food demo from the fab Little Green Spoon. It began with a wellness talk from Coach John Kavanagh (best known for being Conor McGregor’s coach). He would hate for me to say his talk was motivating, as he doesn’t believe in motivating others, but it was. He really sent out the message that achieving goals is all about self-motivating.  Hence where I got the inspiration for this blog post.

I’m slowly but surely getting back into my fitness routine. Here are my top 5 tips for self-motivating, based on the wise words I heard yesterday and some I’ve picked up myself over time:

  1. Just do it
    There’s no point in talking about wanting to get fit, be healthier, eat better, etc. There’s no use in waiting until you find the best diet, the perfect workout, or a motivating mentor. If you want to get started on a fitness goal, just do it. Start now and be consistent with it. You’ll learn ways to improve your workout and what your eating as you go, the hardest part is getting yourself out of bed in the morning and making the decision to do it. You’re the only person in control of that decision.
  2. Make a plan
    For me, without a plan my healthy buzz goes down the drain very quickly. The detail of the plan can vary based on how serious you are taking your diet at that time, but in general, thinking ahead about what you’re going to eat, booking gym classes, planning weekend activities to avoid the weekend binge, these are all things that will help keep your motivation on track. I’m planning on booking in with a personal trainer in the next week so I have a tailor made exercise plan that I can use on the days I don’t feel like going to classes.
  3. Surround yourself with motivated people
    I’m a big believer in this, there’s nothing quite as motivating as surrounding yourself with motivaters, dreamers and doers. It’s infectious. It also is good to have people you can talk about your goals with, whether it’s fitness or otherwise.
  4. Picture your end goal
    My end goal is Dubai in March, I want to feel good and feel fit for then. I took my fitness quite seriously before I went to Vegas and LA last summer, so I know I can do it again. I’m shaping my end goal by the choices I make when it comes to exercising and what I eat, this helps me make healthier choices.
  5. Don’t deprive yourself
    My last tip is not to be too hard on yourself. As Coach Kavanagh said “If you’re craving sugar, then just have sugar”. Making smarter choices and substituting where possible definitely helps, for example you could swap a bar of Dairymilk for a few squares of dark chocolate, chips for sweet potato and brown bread instead of white. These small substitutes do make a difference and will lead to healthier lifestyle habits in general.

Continue Reading…


2016: The Best Lessons I Learnt

December 30, 2016

2016 is coming to an end and I really can’t believe how fast that year went. Time just seems to be going faster and faster as I get older. That’s why I wanted to write this post. to make sure I’m making the most of and taking as much as I can from each year.

2016 was a really good year in many ways with lots of amazing travel, adventures with friends and enjoyable work – but at times it was definitely hard too – loved ones passed away, there were make-ups and break-ups and times when trying to manage two jobs wasn’t that easy. I think it’s safe to say I learnt a few things from this year. Here are 8 of the most valuable lessons I learnt:

1. Be kind to yourself

It’s a crazy, busy, hard world we live in and we’re all doing our best – I’m sure I’m not the only one who is their own worst critic but I’m gonna try and be a little kinder to myself next year. I’m going to give myself more pats on the back when I do things I’m proud of, I want to feel less guilty for doing things I want to do and I’m going to make being really happy a priority.

2. Work hard

At the start of 2016 I made a list of goals I wanted to reach at the end of the year. Currently sitting in the last week of the year I can happily say I more than met all of my goals over the past year, which tells me that 1. I should aim higher next year and 2. all my hard work paid off. It’s definitely not always easy to keep working, but now I can see the value of keeping at it even when I didn’t always feel like it. Continue Reading…


New Years Resolution: Smile More!

December 22, 2016

Hey guys,

You might remember last month I posted about a blog telling you all about the ‘Ultra Thin’ Veneers I was going to be getting from My Dental on 6 of my teeth, well.. I got them! And I love them. In total from consultation to application there was about 4/5 appointments and actually applying the veneers wasn’t painful at all.

I was a little nervous but more excited before getting them, the dentists totally put me at ease, and even allowed me to try on the veneers before applying to ensure I was happy with the colour and shape.

They are the exact same shape my teeth were before – so look very natural. I didn’t and don’t want the perfect ‘Hollywood Smile’ – I just wanted to fix the fluorosis (chalky appearance), something I’ve been self-conscious about all my life.  It’s the perfect time of the year to show off my improved smile and my new years resolution is to smile more 🙂

These should last me 10 -15 years at which point they will have to be replaced – that brings me to 35/40 years of age! Ahh!  Continue Reading…


Christmas Gift Guide for Her

November 29, 2016


Hi everyone,

It’s hard to believe but by the end of the week Decemeber will have come around so the time to start planning Christmas presents is now. I personally love present shopping but I know sometimes coming up with ideas can be difficult. I have put together a gift guide from one of my favourite Irish websites My Shining Armour – they carry the most beautiful stationary, jewellery and interior pieces that would leave anyone unwrapping happy 🙂

See my picks below 🙂 I hope it helps with the beginning of shopping season,

Lou x

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Marble Selotape Dispenser / Marble Stapler / Marble Pencil Holder / Marble Desk Tray

These marble desk pieces speak for themselves – how PRETTY are they?!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Marble Stapler / Marble Pencil Holder OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bando 2017 Diary / Alphabet “L” Mug / “L” Candle

An essential purchase at the beginning of any year. A pretty diary with stickers is the ultimate treat at the start of a new year. I know my sisters would love a diary as pretty as this.

Personalised anything is always extra special at Christmas. Here you can see my ‘L’ mug and ‘L’ candle which are both available from  – these would be the perfect gift for a friend or colleague. Continue Reading…