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Christmas Gift Guide for Her

November 29, 2016


Hi everyone,

It’s hard to believe but by the end of the week Decemeber will have come around so the time to start planning Christmas presents is now. I personally love present shopping but I know sometimes coming up with ideas can be difficult. I have put together a gift guide from one of my favourite Irish websites My Shining Armour – they carry the most beautiful stationary, jewellery and interior pieces that would leave anyone unwrapping happy 🙂

See my picks below 🙂 I hope it helps with the beginning of shopping season,

Lou x

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Marble Selotape Dispenser / Marble Stapler / Marble Pencil Holder / Marble Desk Tray

These marble desk pieces speak for themselves – how PRETTY are they?!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Marble Stapler / Marble Pencil Holder OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bando 2017 Diary / Alphabet “L” Mug / “L” Candle

An essential purchase at the beginning of any year. A pretty diary with stickers is the ultimate treat at the start of a new year. I know my sisters would love a diary as pretty as this.

Personalised anything is always extra special at Christmas. Here you can see my ‘L’ mug and ‘L’ candle which are both available from  – these would be the perfect gift for a friend or colleague. Continue Reading…

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The Ultimate List of Black Friday Deals

November 24, 2016


Hi everyone,

It’s hard to believe it’s that time again! The best shopping weekend of the year has arrived and I thought I would make your lives easier (and mine a lot harder) by compiling all of the sale codes in one place. As well as some of my top picks from the sales. Just incase we needed another reason to shop on these cold winter nights 😉

Happy Shopping!



  • 30% off with code: CYBER
  • Shop here


  • 20% off almost everything
  • Shop here


  • 20% off with code GOGOGO
  • Shop here


  • Up to 50% off (no code)
  • Shop here


  • 20% off almost everything
  • Shop here

Continue Reading…

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5 Reasons I’m Smiling This Friday

November 18, 2016

Hey guys,

Happy Friday!!! My favourite day of the week 🙂 I thought I’d do some a little different today on the blog and tell you 5 reasons why I’m smiling today!

1. Friday Feeling
I dunno if it’s just me but the Friday feeling is particularly good these days. In the winter the weeks definitely feel longer, the dark mornings and evenings make the week days pretty grim. On the plus side that makes the weekend all the better.

img_6960 img_7055
2. The Festive Season is here
With all the Christmas lights up and on it’s hard not to feel a little bit of excitement for the month ahead. It’s finally time to get brainstorming for your Secret Santa person, watch all of the new Christmas ads and get your Christmas playlist up and running on Spotify (YES, finally!) Continue Reading…

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My Trip to Disneyland with Primark

November 9, 2016

160929_primark_disney_s06_083 160929_primark_disney_s08_081

‘Where laughter is timeless, imagination has no age & dreams are forever’ – Walt Disney

Hey guys,

I don’t even know where to start with this post. This trip was just the coolest, funnest, most amazing trip I’ve ever been on. I’m so glad I can finally share the pics on my blog and tell you all about it. At the end of September for 3 days I went with Primark, my gal Lauren, and two UK YouTubers Maddie and Corrie to Disneyland Paris to shoot for their Primark x Disney collection.

The whole experience was just unreal. We stayed in the beautiful Disneyland Hotel, we ate in the Disneyland restaurants, we got to go around on the carousel like 10 times in a row and we got Mickey and Minnie all to ourselves for photos. We shot 3 main looks – 1 outside the castle with Mickey and Minnie, 1 on the Carousel and one PJ look in the Castle room. The smiles on our faces are real smiles, we laughed the whole way through each day.

Disney was such a huge part of my childhood, every line in every movie I know by heart. It was a dream come true to be there ‘working’ and with my blog. If I had known this time a year ago all the opportunities that would come my way because of my blog, I wouldn’t have believed it. In September last year I moved back from New York, with a small, new blog and I remember being terrified. It was something I loved and really didn’t want to give up, so I worked really hard and just feel so grateful that it’s all worked out. I got to go to Disneyland for work with my best friend, that’s pretty unbelievable. Continue Reading…


My Skincare Regime

October 31, 2016

img_0172 img_0145 img_0174

Skincare, this is something I’ve definitely gotten more committed to over the past year or two, and is 100% something that needs more attention coming into the winter months. The mix of Ireland’s harsh, winter weather with the intense heating indoors really drys out our skin. I have combination skin, so for me I find it difficult to find products that will make my dry areas healthy without oiling up my t-zone too much. However just before the summer I started using Eucerin skincare products and I honestly have noticed the world of difference in my skin. I don’t wear a lot of make-up, I like to keep it as natural as possible, so having my skin in it’s best possible condition is important to me.

My life is so busy with working full time and running the blog that when I can take quick, easy way outs I do. But skincare is just one of those things that deserves the time, the quality products and the routine. A year ago I didn’t know where to start when it came to skincare, and if I could see myself now I would be so proud haha! Here are a list of the skincare rules I now live by: Continue Reading…

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Balancing Work and Blogging

October 26, 2016

img_1640 img_3521 img_3519

Hi everyone,

Happy hump day! I’m sure I’m not the only one happy to hit the half way point this week and looking forward to the long weekend ahead – it’s needed. Working full time and blogging as well definitely keeps me busy, especially when general life admin such as moving house comes into the mix – that’s a whole new level of busy.

One of the questions I get asked most often is how I balance everything. If you follow me on Snapchat (lou1409) you’ll know my days are normally pretty jam-packed and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I try to be as organised as I can be, here are my top tips I live by to try and keep everything balanced:

  1. Keep a Diary

I write down all my plans as they happen. This way I can flick forward a couple of weeks and check if I am available. On a busy day I will even write my plans down according to times – it may sound crazy but it works. I’ve become so dependent on my diary I don’t even try and remember my plans anymore, I’ve become one of those ‘Let me check my diary’ people. LOL! God help me if I ever lose it. One of these days I’ll have to master the iPhone Diary.  Continue Reading…