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Taking a Second

July 20, 2017

Hey there,

I hope you’re all having a good week. My last 2 weeks since finishing work have been crazy with travelling, working, and celebrating. I’ve loved every second and have never seen a fortnight go by so fast in my life but I’m excited for a few days of normality now.

I have a week at home before my next trip (to the SEYCHELLES – ahhhh!) and I’m using this time to take a little breather, sort out my life and really take in how amazing the last while has been (one of my New Years resolutions!) I also have a LOT of outfit planning to do before next week. I love holiday outfits and usually have planned everything I’m going to wear before I go anywhere (otherwise I’d never be able to pack!)  Continue Reading…

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New York New York

July 13, 2017

Hey guys,

As you may have seen on my social media, I spent the last 5 days in New York City and what an amazing week we had!!! With having just finished work last week and it being Gerard’s birthday on Sunday, I couldn’t think of a better place to spend a few days. We literally spent our time eating, drinking, laughing, dancing, sunbathing and catching up with friends – both of our favourite things to do!

New York is without a doubt my favourite city in the world. I spent 3 summers out there before moving out for a year in 2014. I was reminded as soon as we arrived absolutely everything I loved about the city: the lights, the energy, the weather, the people and most importantly, the mindset. I actually got emotional walking around the first day, just remembering all the (mostly) good and (occasional) not so good times I had while living in the city, away from all my family and friends. I grew up a lot in New York and when I left in 2015 I definitely wasn’t ready to go.  Continue Reading…


Venice and London Travel Diary

June 15, 2017

Dress is Primark

Dress is Boohoo

Hey guys,

If you’ve been following me online you’ll know that I just got back from not one but TWO worldwind trips to Venice and London.

Venice was the absolute dream. It’s just out of this world. Every time I visit Italy I fall more in love with the country, but Venice in particular was just so different to anywhere I’ve ever been before. It’s rustic, romantic and just so relaxing. There’s nothing I love more than wandering down narrow streets and finding hidden gems when I’m travelling and that’s exactly what Venice is amazing for.

I went with 8 of my friends from Limerick, which was so nice. The older we get, the busier we all get so it was so nice to have some quality time and lols together.

We visited two of Venice’s gorgeous islands, Murano and Burano. Can you believe Venice is actually made up of a total of 118 islands? Burano is literally the most colourful, beautiful place I’ve ever been to. A bold statement I know, but I just loved it so much. As there was 9 of us on the trip, we were able to afford a private water taxi which is a set rate of €120. The public water buses are €7.50 each way, but take a little bit longer. Continue Reading…


South of France with Princess Cruises

May 29, 2017

Hey there,

Last week I visited Marseille and Toulon in the South of France with Princess Cruises. The Royal Princess Cruise ship was docked in the Toulon port, and we experienced a day trip, just as the Princess passengers would. We visited the quaint town of La Cadière-d’Azur for lunch, enjoyed wine tasting in two vineyards and indulged in a very French meal on the Toulon port.

We visited the Ship on Friday morning, and let me tell you, it was huge!!! With 17 luxurious floors, the ship holds up to 3,500 guests. We visited the pool deck, the spa, the theatre, the gelato shop, the gym and of course we had to eat in the amazing Italian restaurant: Sabatini’s. My last blog post included some shots taken on the boat, you can also see the whole ship in my video, linked below.  Continue Reading…

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Snap Happy in Toulon

May 28, 2017

Hey everyone,

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I’m just back from two days in the South of France with Princess Cruises. It was such a fun few days exploring vineyards, tasting all things French and touring the amazing Royal Princess Cruise ship (where I took these photos) I vlogged the trip and can’t wait to show you every inch of this beautiful boat on my YouTube, hopefully I’ll have that video up tomorrow.

As usual when I go away, I got a million and one photos 🙂 One of the questions I get asked most often is what camera I use to take my photos, and what apps I use to edit them. For a long time I only used my Olympus Pen EPL-7 camera when taking photos (and I have used it on this post for some of the photos). But thankfully I have found a phone with a camera just as good as my actual camera, it’s small, easy to carry and has made my life so much easier – the Samsung S8. Continue Reading…


Positano Travel Diary

April 19, 2017

Hey guys,

Last weekend I travelled with Gerard to literally the one place I’ve ever been that I would describe as heaven on earth. It was the prettiest, most relaxing place with the nicest people and yummiest food (Pizza all day errday!)

It was exactly the kind of holiday I love. The village is still so authentically Italian, there is so much to look at and take in. I could have wandered the streets all day and night (if there wasn’t so many steps haha).  

Where we stayed

I’ve had so many questions about the stunning hotel we stayed in, it was Casa Albertina in Positano. I booked on – I’ve been using Hotwire for years but this has to be my best hotel find to date. LOOK at those views!!! It felt like something out of a movie.

Continue Reading…